Monday, April 4, 2011

Advice? No thank you!

Rick and I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend (more so Rick than myself, naturally).  Trust your instincts, and never let someone skew your idea of what you think you should do. 

No matter how many children someone has or how long someone has been around kids, or even how many stupid books a person has read on children and parenting, no one, and I mean no one, knows my kid better than I do.  Period.

One of the most annoying things about becoming parents is being bombarded with 6 trillion experts advice of parenting.  And when I say expert, I mean everyone you know that has had a child.  That is apparently the only qualification needed to make one an expert.  They are parenting Gods and have all the answers.  Don't believe me, just ask them. 

I get it.  You had a kid.  Congratulations, that really truly is amazing and I know how much hard work went into that accomplishment.  But you didn't have MY kid.  My kid is a new breed of dysfunction.  The shit that worked when you had your children doesn't work on my kid.  He's a rare mutation and a new code is required.  You do not speak my kid's language.

Joey is like me.  He is going to try as hard as possible to be as difficult as possible.  He keeps score and he wants to win just as bad as I do.  He's a Scorpio for crying out loud!

So, in this particular situation this weekend, Rick (sorry man) let someone give him advice on what he should do.  He chose to ignore his instincts, and my verbal directions, and take this advice.  You can imagine how this ended up.  Tears were shooting out of Joey's face, there was screaming and kicking, it was basically a full fledged meltdown of epic proportion. 

Lesson learned. 

As much as Joey's hard headedness and unwavering determination to be difficult is annoying, I kind of enjoy that about him.  I see a lot of myself in those traits and its really interesting to see your personality in mini form.  He doesn't let shit slide and he will be the first to put you in check.  He's awesome just the way he is.

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  1. Intuition is our most valuable tool. Great post! Remember advice is only what the word says. It's a suggestion only it's adding their vices to it.