Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remember us!?

It's been a while, I know.  

I've been busy.  The normal mom of a 19 month old busy mixed in with do two people's jobs at once kind of busy.  (The stupid girl I was covering for while she was on maternity leave decided she wasn't going to come back, so I got stuck with her awful job for wayyyy too long).  It's the sucky kind of busy that has me in bed by 8:30 and being 5 months past due for a haircut kind of busy.  Fun stuff!

We've been trucking along.  I don't know if we were too tired to notice the child for a couple months, or if the child was actually chilled out.  I know we had bed time issues for a bit and then we didn't.  And then we got some more teeth and then that was over.  None of it really registers because none of it was that traumatizing. 

We did have a fractured foot about a month ago.  Also, actually, not that traumatizing.  For us anyway.  We are getting better at this pack everything and go to the urgent care thing.  Which for us is now a totally normal aspect of our life.  We are there at least once every month and a half.

Our new normal.

So now that the fog has cleared, plan on me being back.  Probably part time and mostly to post pictures.  I am planning on getting rid of our facebook - so this might be it for the Armondo clan.  We'll see.  I might be too busy at urgent care to actually accomplish anything.