Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The kid likes nature...

Well, my demon child defied the odds and, from what I hear, was a sweet boy for his grandparents.  No major meltdowns and no huge traumatic events.  Thank. God.

And, I think we're on to something....Joey was outside at a softball game for 3 hours, and he was great.  He was outside with us at the dog park on Sunday, and did great.

The boy wants to be outside.  Preferably upright in the front pack.

I can't blame him, I would be bummed too if I couldn't move and I was trapped in a living room for most my life.  But, the weather...don't even get me started.  You can't freaking trust that you won't go outside and get trapped in a torrential downpour, so we've been forced inside for most of Joey's 5 months of life.  Super lame, I get it.  So I think from no on, wherever we go, we will be putting Joey in the front pack, and walking around with him.  He really really enjoys it and I think the amount of stimulation really helps with his attitude and his sleeping.  I will look like a complete retard with my huge pre-teen sized infant attached to the front of my body, but hey, I'll do anything. 

ADDED BONUS - He weighs like a billion pounds so it could be a win win.  Mommy's ass gets smaller and Joey is a sweet angel boy.  I like the sound of that.

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