Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hell hath frozen over.  There was sun AND warmth in Seattle and the surrounding areas today. 

I could try to put into words how amazingly awesome the sun is and how it makes my life as a mom a million times easier and more enjoyable, but I just don't think I could do it justice.  The sun gives me and my family a whole new perspective on life.  For real, the real deal life stuff.  It opens the door to sooooo many opportunities and allows us to leave our house and make our baby so incredibly happy.  Joey LOVES being outside and he magically becomes an easy baby.  My baby, becomes an absolute joy and I will forever love sun because of it.

We have been renewed.  Our sanity has come back to us, our love tanks are full, and our kid is happy.  Ahhhhhh it feels good to be among the normal.  This is how the other half lives.

Here are some pictures from our adventures today.  We ventured out to Richmond beach, and in true Armon/Callahan style, we happen to try to go to the beach during the 2 hours that the beach is actually closed for an Easter egg hunt.  Ugh, but! we persevered and found a lovely patch of grass to just sit and chill on.  It was great.  Then Joey and I went to the dog park with friends and then off to another friends house for a visit. 

And Joey was a perfect angel the entire time.  I love him.

Joey's first grass experience.  Love at first sight.

I started to realize his bright white head had never really seen sunlight, so we covered it before it could get sun burned.

The momma and her babies.

End result.  Pure joy.

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