Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jam.  Really?

Apparently I haven't made myself clear enough to the person I cohabitate with.  Maybe the tone I used wasn't clear enough (very doubtful), maybe he heard one thing and I meant another (again, doubtful). 

He just isn't listening.

He fed Joey jam this morning.  Oh, the insanity!

I know, over dramatic.  BUT I am a freak about this sugar thing.  Rick is allowed to pick some things that he gets to be weird about without me objecting (ie church).  But, he refuses to let me have this thing to be an overprotective, freak of nature about.

I don't want my kid to be exposed to crazy amounts of sugar at the ripe old age of 5 months. 

All I can envision is this....

And this....

And not to mention the hyperactivity and addiction to simple sugars. 

First, I know my baby will not be drinking coke in the near future, second, I know my baby is not an obese Chinese child that loves McDonalds.  BUT that is because I will not allow it to happen.  By means of strict control of sugar and all sugar's deadly little friends. 


And, if Joey's lineage says anything about his future, he will be a child afflicted with the ever so lovely, your friend, and mine, ADD. 

So lets not add fuel to that fire, please!     RICK!

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