Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We attract dysfunction

Rick is going to hate that I am outing him and his bad behavior, but such is life.  This is my blog and I'll do what I want.

So, Rick and I got into a heated argument the other day.  I believe it was a run of the mill money, laundry, or cleaning argument.  The fact that I can't recall exactly what it was about, means it was a pretty lame argument. 

But, I said something or Rick said something and made me say something, or something like that.  And, our kitchen cabinet paid the price.  Big time.  Armondo fist, straight through the sucker.  Ok, great.  Captain douche has done it again....whatever, fix my cabinet A-hole.

This was about a week ago.  So, yesterday I am talking to Rick after he picked up Joey.  I demand he call me everyday after he picks Joey up to get the 4-1-1 on Joey's behavior at daycare.  Basically I want to hear that he was a good boy and that our daycare lady didn't shake him or punch his lights out (yes I actually worry that she will do this even though she is the sweetest lady in the world). 

This is how the convo went down...

Rick:  "good news, I am getting contact info for this lady that can repair our cupboard." 

Me:  "Yay, thats great......Wait a minute...Where did you get this info?"

Rick:  "I went into Tanya (our daycare lady)'s garage and was talking to her husband.  He was sanding their cupboards to get them ready for this lady to come in and refinish their cabinets.  I kinda told him what happened...."

Me:  "Oh freaking great, now our daycare lady knows how dysfunctional we are.  Now we are the freaks that get in arguments and end up with broken shit"

Rick:  "No no no, after I told him what happened and asked for his cupboard lady's contact info, he pointed across the garage at a busted cupboard door...HE HIT HIS CUPBOARD RECENTLY TOO!!"

Me:  "Perfect."

We're dysfunctional, and without even know it, we have hired a daycare lady with the same dysfunction.

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