Saturday, April 9, 2011


When we became parents we knew our life would be changed forever.  We knew our Friday nights would no longer turn into early Saturday mornings and there would be a lot less alcohol included in our idea of a fun time.

I could have never imagined our idea of fun would have turned into what it is now....dressing up our kid in weird shit and taking pictures of him.

I present to you, our newest idea of a good time, hats.....

 Here we have the ever popular, snow hat aka freaking adorable hat.

This is a Russian hat?  I think he looks a lot like Boris Yeltsin, thus Russian hat.

I don't think words are necessary.  Probably the best one we have.

The who from Whoville hat.  Precious as all hell, and equally ridiculous.  Pure joy.

Unfortunately I liken this hat to a cancer patient hat, so, we don't like this hat.

Yeah!  Baseball hat and a cute little face.

Gangster, "I'm going to be in the NBA someday," hat.

So, there you have it.  It was hat night in the Armon/Callahan household.  We are full fledged freaks of nature and are trying our damnedest to pass it on to our child.  And, lets be honest, these will prove to be great bargaining tools later in life.  Blackmail photos!

OH!  While this atrocity was taking place, we noticed something quite awesome...

We have hair growth!!!!  Do you see it, do you see it!?  It doesn't matter if you can see it or not, I can see it.  Ahhhh, joy.  Now we wont have to spring for the baby toupee!  This would be tragic....


  1. Hats are a big thing in our house as well, though I must bow down to your superior hat collection :) I almost spewed hot tea on my monitor when I saw the baby toupee pic!!

  2. Cuteness and hilarity times ten!