Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The shock factor

At this point we feel pretty comfortable with the variety of semi shocking events that happen in our house on a daily basis.  There is the tiny shock, medium shock and ultra shock. 

Tiny shocks are the little bits of baby scattered around the house in random places.  You open the door to the fridge and get shocked by an alligator squeeze toy looking back at you.  Or the drum sticks falling from the shelf to your feet.

Medium shocks are usually food or liquid involved.  Like walking in to the living room to find Joey and Phoebe enjoying a nice spritzer courtesy of Joey's bottle being dumped on both their heads.  He actually now dumps his bottle on everything.  Phoebe is usually the target but we've also moved on to couch cushions, table tops, clothes, pillows, etc.  Everything gets water dumped on it. 

Or when you find glitter on your food...cause daycare babies ALWAYS have glitter stuck to them.

The ultra shock comes when you least expect it.  And you can imagine what that usually involves.  Poop.  I know what you're thinking, and while yes, the explosion is an ultra shock, it is not MY most shocking baby issue.  Lately my ultra shock is not only literally shocking but also mind bending. 

The in-the-sleep-poop.

How does that even happen!!!?  How does the kid manage to poop in his sleep!?  It shocks the hell out of me every time and then I just stare at him with this semi look of disgust and utter amazement.  How did this person manage to squeeze out a poop mid sleep?  And why is it always the sleep poop that doesn't smell so it scares the crap out of me when I think I am just changing a piss filled diaper!?

Why does this happen and why has this become an all too present shock in our lives.

I hate the in the sleep poop. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Happiness Project

I'm back.  With a new attitude and hopefully the start of a new direction for myself and my family.

Over the last couple months I've been in a funk.  I can blame the holidays, the weather, Rick, money, the state of the world or I can take ownership of the fact that I'm the one to blame for my crappy attitude lately.  So (gulp), that's what I intend to do.  I, Sarah Callahan, have been grumpy.  But, I, Sarah Callahan, intend to fix that.

I recently started reading a book called "The Happiness Project." In this book a woman, much like myself, takes a look at her life and realizes there is room for more happy.  Her life isn't shitty, just like mine isn't, but she often found herself having a short temper, not enjoying moments as much as she should and basically not taking advantage of opportunities that would lead her to a more happy state of mind.

Sounds a lot like me.  So, I am going to start my own happiness project.  I will start this after I am through reading the book (hopefully by the end of the week).  I will then sit down with Rick and we will come up with monthly goals or items that we will work on together to get ourselves to a new happy. 

Getting Rick involved in this is the scary part.  I tend to take the "I can do it by myself" approach to most things in life.  But I feel like that very approach has led us to a place where I feel less happy.  I feel like I put too much of myself into things and don't get enough in return, even when it was me who wanted to do it all in the first place.  So, I will swallow my pride and my I can do it attitude for the betterment of my family. 

I have a feeling this will lead us to one of two conclusions; we will be exponentially more happy (awesome conclusion) or we will learn that we are doomed (not so awesome conclusion).

In reality I think the worst that can happen is we end up right back where we started.  Which isn't too bad, but isn't the best it can be.  Can we live with that, sure we can.  But who wants to be mediocre, right?