Wednesday, March 28, 2012

16 month check up

Today we went in for our 16 month check up.  This was a very bittersweet appointment because we had to say goodbye to Joey's doctor.  Dr. Richter has a young family and I think in an effort to save his marriage, agreed to take a different job that would allow him to be home at a reasonable hour.  So as soon as we got the letter saying he was changing jobs, we scheduled Joey's check up.

Everything with Joe is great.  He is still in the 99-100th percentile for height...coming in at a whopping 2 feet 10 inches.  Weight is good, 26 pounds, eyesight, ears, lungs, everything great.  There were some awkward moments when they had to measure Joey's head twice and have a little meeting in the hallway to "discuss."  Apparently Joey's head is also in the 99-100th percentile.  What that means...who the hell knows.  But it means enough to have a discussion, repeatedly measure and tell me he thinks it is pretty proportionate, but that we should keep an eye on it.  What.does.that.mean!?  I know Joey has a huge head, believe me, I am WELL aware of his head, but what does having a big head mean?!


Dr. Richter said he was impressed with all the words Joey knows and said it was amazing that he was even piecing together little sentences.  (This convo happened as Joey was waving his shoes at me saying shoe, bye bye.  Apparently Joey was over it).

We also talked about the baba.  The's time to take the baba because it will only get harder and harder as he gets older.  He did see however that it was his comfort thing and said we should do it when we are ready.  I liked that. 

The end of the appointment is why I love Dr. Richter soooo much.  We are really behind on vaccines and have open communication with Dr. Richter about what we want, when we want it and all our reasons surrounding that situation.  So we discussed all the shots Joey would be getting and would need very soon and we talked about the possible fever side effect.  Dr. Richter knows we don't do fevers with Joe.  He saw us through that ordeal and knows we have to wait until Joey is at least 5 to take any normal approach to anything involving fever as a side effect.  So he formulated a vaccination plan that I felt comfortable with and he felt comfortable with.  He went so far as to include specific instructions for the next years worth of vaccines so his successor will have all the necessary information.  I love that.  I love that Dr. Richter knows Joey so well, knows me and Rick and knows the wants and needs of our family.  I AM SO SAD to see him go.

We go back in July to meet the new doc, discuss more vaccinations and redo Joey's blood work to make absolutely god damn sure his liver function and iron levels has finally recovered from the worst virus of all time. 

Oh and we also have to recheck his head circumference...whatever.the.hell.that.means.

Monday, March 5, 2012


First family trip to the zoo!!!  Yay!!!  Included was lots of rawrs, lots of ooo ooo ooooos and pointing and clapping.  Success.

First stop, Giraffe.

This boy loves himself a lion.  He made rawr noises for close to 10 minutes.

Oooo ooo oooo ooo ooooOOOoo


Then we took a little break and went into Zoomasium.  It's so weird to see Joey in an atmosphere where he is a real toddler doing toddler things.  He plays on toys now and tries to make other little friends.  The burrito is a real boy now.

This was oddly enough one of the highlights of his day, the ducks.  We're at the zoo and Joey is obsessed with ducks.  Why are ducks even at a zoo!?