Thursday, April 21, 2011

The good ol Well Child exam

Well Child check ups always excite me.  In the 2 months between the appointments I seem to always have a new laundry list of items to discuss with the ever so handsome Dr. Richter.  Mmmmm Dr. Richter.

So Joey goes in on May 6th and I, gasp!, will not be attending.  Holy cow, poor Rick.  I am going to drill his ass the second he gets out of that appointment.  Not to mention, probably make him a print out, laminated (so its waterproof, duh), copy of the list of items I need him to go over.  Probably will incorporate some flash cards and a rehearsal appointment too.  Just to be sure he understands exactly what I want him to go over.  Ya know, I should probably have him record the entire appointment too...he will never remember the answer to every question.  And when Rick is faced with a question he doesn't quite know, he makes shit up.  You can imagine how well that is received by me. 

ANYWAY, a lot of the items on my list are pure insanity.  Use your imagination and imagine the craziest question ever to ask about your 6 month old, now multiply that by 100, and those are the types of questions I want to ask.  Some, though, have some serious merit. 

Currently, the topics at the top of my mind start with ear rubbing.  Joey has been rubbing the crap out of his right ear, a lot.  He doesn't have a fever though and it doesn't seem to bother him very much.  He just rubs and rubs and rubs, almost like its itchy.  So, that is number one. 

Number 2 will be all about teething.  We see the damn teeth in there, we see that tiny little poke trying to poke through, so why wont they just pop all the way out!!?  Is it normal to take this long, or were we just blessed with an extremely long teether.  Which, I of course would not be shocked if we just so happen to have a year long teether. 

Third question will be about his acid reflux.  He doesn't sound any better, and doesn't puke less.  He was sleeping through the night, now he's not.  Soooooo is it safe to assume at this point that there might be something else going on....a dairy allergy perhaps?  If we could just get this one thing figured out I would kiss the Dr's face right off.  MMMmmmm Dr. Richter.

So, that's where our heads are at for Joey's 6 month check up.  Rick has his work cut out for him on this one.  You would think, though, after 2 straight years of me being a complete psycho, he would know exactly what to do, and how to report back to me. 

And you would be wrong.

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  1. Poor Rick! You are right - he should know exactly what to do - however, he IS a boy.....