Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, it looks like Joey's reflux is here to stay. 

I knew it wouldn't be as easy as just giving him the medicine and presto chango we have a sweet baby boy again.  No, nothing can be that easy for the Armondo/Callahan clan.  Joey had severe tummy issues with the medicine, so we very promptly stopped giving it to him.  It got to the point where he was coming home in other kids clothes because he had had explosive diarrhea 4 times in a day and "blown" through all this extra outfits. 

So, we have a Well Child appointment on Friday and will discuss other options then.  Ricks mom mentioned something about the boys being sensitive to lactose when they were babies so I might check into that.  Seems like a logical answer, actually. 

Our battle continues and we continue to loathe bed time.  Hopefully and end is in sight and we find something that actually helps Joe. 

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