Monday, March 28, 2011

BIG happenings this weekend!!

We have a tooth people.  This is it...

(horrible picture - bottom right side, his left, our right)...currently its a tiny little pokey speckle of a mother effer, but that thing is here!  Explains sooooooo much.  And makes me a little apologetic for actually thinking my child was possessed by the devil.  But, for those of you who have been through the teething process, I'm sure you can agree and sympathize. 

And, we wouldn't be so awesome if we just accomplished one big thing at a time, so we did two big things this weekend....we are all officially rolling over.  Rick and Phoebe included.  Its funny too, once he did it, it was like he's been doing it for years.  You would turn your head, look back at him, and he was on his tummy.  Such a genius this boy. 

With this new accomplishment comes the realization that Joey will be mobile any day now and its only a matter of time before everything in my house is broken, and/or wrapped in bubble wrap.  He gets on his tummy and those legs start kicking and you know he just can't wait to get crawling.  I joke about making Joey wear a helmet, but I'm totally not kidding.  I was tragically accident prone as a child and Joey is tragically gangley...those two elements are a recipe for disaster. 

He's already growing up too fast, I miss his tiny little baby body.  He's a big boy (literally and figuratively) and while I love all these accomplishments, I can't believe how fast its all happening.   One day he's fresh out the oven and the next he has teeth and rolls thing you know he'll be stealing my car and bringing a girl over for me to meet.  I will be having a serious love affair with vodka at that point. 

So, I will leave you with remembrance....the tiny burrito....

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