Monday, March 21, 2011

Parents are Complete Psychos

Rick and I found ourselves in this very weird dimension of sleep deprivation this weekend.  The place where you realize sleep is something of the past and 2:30 am is the new 8 am.  You turn the lights on and you lay on the floor with your noisy playful infant and pray he shuts up and goes to sleep. 

You are now a complete psycho.  You find yourself thinking of creative ways to get your child to shut up (including selling him to a nice deserving family) or making a list of chores you need to get done, or even planning out your weekends for the next month.  You look at the clock and get angrier and angrier as the time slowly turns to dawn. 

Its so incredibly hard to describe your headspace at 4 am after a night of little to no sleep.  You are convinced God is punishing you and your child is possessed by the devil. 
Then the sun comes up, your significant other relieves you, and you get to sleep.  And then your super psycho self almost, for a brief second, forgets the torture  you endured for 10 hours.  This must be caused by the same chemical reaction that happens right after a woman gives birth.  You love your child again, and he's cute and precious...that little demon has won your heart again with just a little smile. 

Its completely bizarre.

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