Monday, June 27, 2011

Snapshots, because I'm exhausted.

Today you get pictures because I am too tired to come up with anything clever about my LONG ass weekend.  Rick was gone from 8:30 am to 10:45 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I had Joe to myself all day and night.  I am beginning to think now that this was Rick's clever way of showing me how much I need him around...hmmmm....

Anyway, mom, kid weekend..........

TRAPPED!  I actually had to whip out the baby gate.

Beach day at Richmond Beach.  Joe had about 6 layers of sunscreen on.  Safety first!

I tried to put that basket behind the recliner because he crawls back there and tries to lick wires.  So what does he do, he moves the basket.  Of course. 

We're bored.  And the only way to get Joe to stop making noise is to do random shit to him.  Like put blocks on his head.

Then there was the task of doing laundry while there is a baby crawling around or in your lap....

This kid had me moving non-stop for three days.  Rick, we need you, we like you, and please don't ever go anywhere without us ever again.  Please and thank you. 

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