Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He's a fishy

It was love at first sight.

Joe and the water are one.  They love each other and have a fantastic relationship. 

Needless to say, day one of swim lessons were a huge success.  Joe was the only tiny kid that instantly started splashing around and squealing with delight.  One kid cried the whole time, another just sat there and clung on to their dad and others just weren't as cute as Joe.  Duh.

Here's a video and some pics.  The video is sideways because that's what you get when you leave Rick in charge of picture/video duties. 

We had fun. 

Got my trunks on, and a baba for the road, cause I have been eating an 8 oz bottle
every hour for a week now. oy

Checking it out. 

Yay!  Fun in the water!!


  1. Awesome! Way to go Joe! Maybe you can come get my kid in swim lessons because there's no way in hell I'll get into a bathing suit and my hubby can't swim:)

  2. I can't really swim well either. And I can't believe I shoved my ass in a swimsuit. Joe better appreciate me later in life!!