Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm just going to throw this out there.  Rick thinks I have post partum depression.  (*shudder*)

I do not think I have post partum depression and on my quest to say in your face, you're wrong, you suck, apologize now and kiss my feet, I came across the usual signs and symptoms.  Which are.....

Inability to sleep - (uh duh, I have a 7 month old)
Extreme worry or concern about the baby - (shit)
Anger toward your partner - (fuck)
Irritability - (this isn't going very well)
Feeling unable to love your baby - (wooo whooo, I love my baby, don't got this one)
Anxiety or panic attacks - (balls)
Loss of interest in hobbies - (did Rick write this list....)
Mood swings - (hi, my name is Sarah...)
Sadness or excessive crying - (vodka contributes to this, I blame vodka)
Frequent questions to the pediatrician with an inability to be reassured - (I quit, this list is stupid)

So, wtf!?  Who came up with this list?  This person obviously doesn't have a small child because any number of these items could just relate to having a baby.

This is stupid.  PPD is stupid. 

So, now on my quest to be even more sure that I don't have it (because this list freaked me out), I am exploring if my low hormone levels have anything to do with anything.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to see what we can do because while I know I don't have PPD, I know something just isn't feeling right. 

Stay tuned.  And that list is stupid.

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