Monday, June 20, 2011

The Jesus factor

We are on the hunt for a new daycare.  For a wide variety of reasons, but mainly because we need a provider with more structure.  Our current lady is great and we love that she didn't send us packing a long time ago.  But, she is seriously lacking in the structure department.  And if Joe's difficult road thus far is any indication of future behavior, we are going to be needing some reinforcements. 

So, I've found a place.  Seems great, nice website, very polite and quickly responding director, affordable and close proximity to our house.......and......its a Christian daycare (insert dun dun dunnnnnn).

For me, this is not an issue.  For Rick, this is a huge issue. 

I don't know what scares him the most about this, but from what I've gathered, he has a big issue with them "lying" to Joe.  And he thinks we are going to have to "undo" all the horrible damage that comes from singing songs about Jesus. 

I on the other hand don't think they will be reading these kids scripture 24/7 and throwing God and the Bible and all that crap down his tiny acidy throat.  I envision them using God as sort of a moral compass and teaching kids to treat others how they want to be treated and just living a moral life (irony: child out of wedlock...doh!).  I don't think stories about Noah's Ark are going to lead to hours and hours of therapy later down the road. 

So, we are at our first major parenting road block.  And, its a doosey. 

We have a tour scheduled for Friday so we'll see how churchy it really is.  And, maybe they won't even want us heathens anyway. 

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