Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reviews of recent purchases

I figure this space might be a good place for anyone who is a mom, will be a mom, or knows a mom, to hear how some things have worked for us, or mostly, not worked for us.  I know I love me a good review and I always make sure I do my homework before purchasing anything.  And I am pretty sure most moms, especially ones on a budget, do the same.

Some recent purchases include....

(I know what you're thinking....your baby is 7 months old and you JUST bought diapers!?  Yes, we have amazing family and friends that often bless us with the necessities.  We have been blessed so often that we only just now had to buy diapers.  Thanks family!)

These diapers kinda suck.  Yes, our baby has a healthy stream of pee, and he might pee more times than a normal child, but we have never had a leaking issue before we got these diapers.  We have never even had to change Joey's diaper in the middle of the night, and, now, if we don't change him we find ourselves feeling a warm wet spot on ourselves in our early morning try to get Joey back to sleep session.

So, I think our next try at diapers will be the Target brand.  I'll let you know how that goes. 

Next we bought this....

This I like.  In our quest to get Joey off drinking something other than formula (which as most you know, irritates his vocal chords), we got him a sippy cup to drink water from.  While he doesn't quite 100% get it, he does kind of, and ends up with some water...but mostly he just tries to blow bubbles in it.  Its definitely a good starter cup for babies and it doesn't spill, which is awesome.

In the same trip we bought this

Again, on our quest to make solid foods a bigger part of our lives, and avoid the GOD FREAKING AWFUL choking hazards that solid foods present, we got this little gem.  Unfortunately, its proven to be kind of lame.  BUT I think this is our fault, and no fault of this product in particular.  We just don't put enough cool crap in there.  So far he LOVES pickles in it and cantaloupe.  But what ends up happening is he will just suck on the juices of whatever is in there, and not actually get to eat what is in there.  So I am thinking this is intended more for softer foods, and also they suggest freezing something in it and letting him teeth on it. 

Lastly, I will offer a great toy

Joe just recently discovered he had this toy and now it is his absolute favorite.  What's cool about this is it lights up as he presses it and makes a noise according to the light, but if he presses it again a completely different color light and instrument will come up.  And, what is awesome about Baby Einstein toys is every toy has the same corresponding colors to instrument set up.  He loves this and we love that we can just hand it to him and watch him press away. 

So that's the low down on our recent purchases and discoveries.  We are constantly adding new things to our repertoire, so I'll be sure and keep you all updated on what sucks and what doesn't.

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