Friday, June 10, 2011

Big sigh....

While I might have a hard time convincing some of you I am not crazy, I now have medical proof!!  Booya, in your face Rick!  [Insert happy dance here]

So, I followed up with my doctor about my overwhelming fatigue.  We discussed possible causes of this (causes besides 7 month old highly volatile son) and ran some tests.  She said it sounded like a low lying physical depression (booooooo), but wanted to run some tests to make sure.  So she did a complete blood count, looked at my iron levels, and checked to make sure my thyroid was working properly. 

What we found out was my iron levels are really low.  And that surprised her because I had told her about the new high in red meat diet I had been on.  So she said if I wasn't eating all the meat I have been eating that I would have dangerously low iron levels.  Which, she says, accounts for a lot of how I am feeling.  And she said once one thing is out of whack everything else works overtime and then I just end up a psycho bitch.  Or something to that effect.

SO!  No depression, just a pretty gnarly iron deficiency.  Which now means I get to take iron, which, if you've ever had to take iron, you know sucks balls.

This makes me happy. 

Just to make sure I get everything straight though, I think I am going to had some herbal remedies to my repertoire.  Starting with St. John's Wort and Melatonin.  Hopefully those, combined with the iron will make everything copacetic again and we will have a happier momma...and daddy. 


  1. My midwife with Sage put me on iron pills post-partem which as you know suck a@@. Floradix/Floravital is a liquid herbal iron supplement that is awesome! It tastes like juice and you can mix it with other liquid if you want, take it twice a day and it is as effective, if not more so than the pills. It is more easily absorbed and I had my iron levels re-checked after taking it for two weeks and went up like 4-5 points (on the 12-point scale that's pretty freakin' good) Good luck to you!

  2. Be careful with the melatonin - only because you already are fatigued and that ish will knock you OUT. My family members regularly use it to help them sleep. My momma has a permanent iron/thyroid problem - it's know fun:( Hope you get to feeling better!!