Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think this is where the weight loss begins

I have a feeling I will never ever be able to sit down and rest ever again.  No more turning my back and trusting that Joe will be in the same place.  No more sitting down and taking a load off.  The foreseeable future looks a tad bit exhausting and includes tons of movement.

This morning I came downstairs to find Joe chewing on remotes while Rick slept in the recliner.  Shoot dirty look at Rick and then take Joe up to sit in my bathroom while I take a shower.  This usually is very hit or miss.  This morning, very much so a miss.  He promptly crawled over to the toilet and I swear to god almost licked it.  Rick is now asleep in the bed.  Grrrr. 

We avoid toilet licking and I get out of the shower and go to change his diaper.  Diaper changed, turn around to grab some socks and he tries to make me  piss myself by launching himself off his changing table.  I caught his first leg and quickly lay him back down. 

Socks on, baby on floor.  Momma needs to put some clothes on.  Not more than 5 seconds later I hear a rustle of plastic coming from the other room.  Run in there half dressed and see baby Joe had found the wrapper his diapers came in and was trying to commit suicide by shoving the plastic bag in his mouth.  I know, stupid idiot parents for having that in his reach.  I KNOW, trust me, I know. 

Third crisis averted and we have hit 7 am.  Put make-up on and catch Joe trying to real deal crawl, with knees...so proud....

Then we venture downstairs to make the coffee, feed the doggy, take doggy potty, etc....btw, Rick still in bed.  Lame.

Take doggy out to go potty, Joey in bouncy chair....

Come back in from potty and catch the tail end of this almost disaster...

Basically, by the time I had left for work I was ready for bed again.  The kid cannot sit still.  We are seriously in for it when those two monster feet hit the ground running. 

Take pity on us.

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  1. WOW!! Good job Momma, I am super nervous about finni becoming mobile. I'll be reading all your blogs for insight!