Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snip-its of a long weekend

I could probably write an extremely lengthy piece about our Memorial Day weekend.  Instead of boring you with the this' and thats of our, kind of exciting, not too exciting, but still pretty awesome weekend, I present to you a picture montage of events and random things/happenings.

Big boy sitting.  This is something he rarely does.  He's a lazy baby, and I think his large head makes sitting harder to do.

Momma and baby at Folklife

The kid's a natural Seattlite.

Enjoying the grass

Listening to some music.  My hat is awesome, I know. 

On one of my days off with Joe we made baby food!!

He likes the colors

Ty ty baby from lots of fun activities.

This is mainly entertainment for me and Rick.  He wasn't as fond of this moment.

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