Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We need it.  We're lacking it, and I'm on the hunt for it. 

When everything is new and fresh you are so overwhelmed with the newness of everything that you don't stop and think, huh, I haven't showered in a while, or, my house needs to be clean, or, I really should tell my boyfriend I appreciate him. 

Your main focus is keeping this little goober alive.  Everything else can and does take a back seat.  This, unfortunately, and pretty quickly, includes your relationship.  Yeah, your relationship....you know, the thing you were in that one time....the person you love....you know, that one guy!

Life becomes so increasingly exhausting and every effort is spent on feeding, cleaning, playing with, trying to get to shut up, putting to bed, washing his clothes, entertaining, dr appointments, daycare drop offs...etc etc etc.  That you don't notice there this tall guy sitting in your kitchen and asking for attention and needing a bit of romance in his life. 

Please, find me the lady that can leave all the exhaustion behind and embrace this huge man in her kitchen (making a mess), and spend all her left over energy filling up his love tank.  Note to reader: If this lady actually exists, I hate her.  She makes the rest of us bitchy women look bad.

Where is the balance....where do you find it?!  Does one thing have to give a little to make the other better... and come on, am I really going to put a little less energy into raising my child to find more balance and romance in my relationship?!  That's a hard thing to swallow....and subsequently leads to mommy guilt, which is every moms worst enemy.

How do you do it?  Is it possible? 

He's lucky he's so damn precious.

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