Monday, May 9, 2011

Great weekend

Man oh man did we have a fabulously full weekend.

Joey's six month check up went off without a hitch.  Rick even called me while in with the doctor so he could be sure I got the most accurate information (I think he's finally starting to get the hang of having a difficult/anal/crazy girlfriend). 

Dr. Richter is still convinced Joey just has acid reflux and is now putting him on stuff that we couldn't give him previously, because he was too young.  So, now Joey will take a dissolving tablet everyday.  Its minty flavor, hopefully he's down for that.  And, if this doesn't work, we will test for dairy allergies.  But, Dr. Richter says Joey has all the classic signs of acid reflux, and only a few symptoms associated with dairy allergies.  So, we'll see.  Acid reflux is apparently a sneaky little bitch.  I hope this works!

Also, we have been ordered to start being really consistent with Joey's solid foods.  For some reason, up to this point, we couldn't get in a rhythm and have basically sucked and been lazy about the whole process.  We are fully committed now, both feet in, we even sent Joey to daycare with oatmeal and peas and strict instructions to feed him breakfast and lunch. 

Hopefully this does a variety of things, first and foremost, hopefully the little bugger gets full and sleeps better, and hopefully this saves us money on formula.  Feeding a monster baby a million bottles a day = a million trips to Costco and a very light wallet.  Again, we'll see what happens.  Obviously he is going to love food, but hopefully he sleeps well too.

Joey is still in the 98th percentile for height and 50 somethingth percentile for weight.  Its hard to believe, but he's only 18 pounds.  He looks more like he's 25 pounds and 2 years old. 

Still teething.  Dr. said it comes in waves....I'm pretty sure we've ridden enough teething waves by now.  I want teeth and I want them now.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and an all around great weekend.  Rick was amazing and we had some time to be with each other and be normal and he took care of Joey all weekend.  I also got to spend time with my momma and Lala and Aunt Kathy. 

Here's some photos of our weekend....

Out to lunch with Auntie Shanny.  He chewed on her glasses for awhile and then decided he would look cute in them.  

Joey LOVES cantaloupe, and momma is ok with that!

Joey fell asleep on me and I let him take a snooze for a couple hours.  I cherish these moments because I know he will soon be too big to sleep on me.  Tear...

While at my mom's house on Mother's Day.  He loves anything that crinkles!

OH!  I almost forgot the most important thing about this weekend....Mr. Joseph Armon now crawls.  He's been spinning in circles for a couple weeks now, but just last night figured out how to move forward.  Rick and I will be spending the next few years in hospitals and buying a lot of band aides and neosporin.

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  1. I love reading these blogs you right about being a mom, do you go to any mom groups? i want to go or create one, for us young moms... either way thanks for these blogs and pics they really delight me