Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Speaking of P words, this is about poop

All you mommas out there, we need advice....

Ever since starting Joe on the goat's milk we have seen a serious change in Joe's poop.  On full formula and some solids (3 times a day), he was pooping the consistency of peanut butter.  Now, he poops real deal logs.  Like little boy poops.  This didn't worry me at first, but now it seems like he cries or struggles to get the turds out.

I think he needs more fluids other than milk.  I've started adding water to his milk and we are going to try more juice.  But, I am kind of freaking out because I don't want to hurt the little guy, but I also don't want him to squeak anymore. 

Are hard poops bad?  Do they mean he is dehydrated or constipated? 

I will leave you with this....and thank you for any advice.....


  1. Is he eating bananas or cheese? Both can be constipators. When in doubt throw a little prune juice in with his water. Works wonders.

  2. I would just say more water Sarah. All that yummy protein might be clogging him up a bit.