Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puke is my friend?

A pretty gross thing happened last night.  I really should say that a normal, non kid having person, would say a gross thing happened last night. 

Joe and I were at swim lessons and one of the little kids puked in the pool.  No big deal I thought.  A little bit of chunk, not a lot, mostly just milky looking.  Ok, it sounds gross now that I described it.  But, at the time, I didn't care.  But apparently its a pretty big deal because we were all asked to get out of the pool and our lesson was over, just like that.  A little bit of puke ruined the party for everyone. 

What kind of struck me as I reflected later was I didn't get out of the pool that fast.  I wasn't really in earshot of our instructor when the incident went down so I didn't hear her say it or see the puke.  So I stayed in the pool...put Joe on the side and looked around like "what the hell is going on, why are we getting out."  She then came over and asked me and the mom standing next to me to please get out.  I then realized what had went down.  And while I could then see the puke, I just kept thinking, scoop it out and lets go. 

THAT IS WEIRD.  No normal person is ok with swimming in puke.  And me of all people.  Me who hates super weird squishy things and gross stuff was perfectly fine with the idea of swimming in some kids puke. 

Maybe its because I don't think kids are evil and gross.  Or maybe its because Joe has puked on me no less than 6 kabillion times, or maybe its just another reason parents are complete psychos.  Poop, pee, puke, basically anything starting with a P is perfectly fine. 

So weird.

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