Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know, I'm on a bloggy roll. 

Maybe I had writers block?

Anyway....after my brush with exhaustion and feeling basically like shit and being a tad a lot bitchy 24/7  (and that stupid term post-partum depression being thrown around), I decided to turn everything around.  It started with doing something for myself at least twice a week.  I chose tanning.  Not necessarily healthy, but the Vitamin D and tan sexy body is good for my soul. 

Next I decided I need to change my diet.  I need to eat more whole foods.  No more easily microwaved empty calorie, low substance b.s..  Basically less processed, whole grain, vegetable and lean meat filled meals.  I also just recently got inspired by my friend Stephanie and her 6 day run at a raw diet (holy balls!).  If you've never tried kelp noodle macaroni and cheese, you're missing out!

So last night, with recipes and grocery list in hand (thank you google and the internet), we went to the grocery store.  I think I made Rick re-fall in love with me 34 times during this trip.  He has asked me for a long time to get more "vegebles" but he hasn't really offered up any way to cook these "vegebles" so we buy them and they sit in the fridge and get bad.  So me spending most my time last night in the produce and organic section, blew his freaking mind.  I think he even clapped.

Anyway, not the point, but I made the man very happy.  And I was really excited to come home and make some healthy stuff.  But it was almost 10 by the time the ordeal was over.  So I settled on making a bean and corn salad to take to lunch today.

How colorful and awesome does that look!!  Not a single bad ingredient in the whole thing.  And its DELICIOUS. 

Tonight I plan on making quinoa.  I'll let you know how it goes!!

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