Monday, July 11, 2011

Had ourselves a hippie dippie weekend

We channeled our inner hippie this weekend. 

Which basically means we did hippie-esque experiments on baby Joe.  All very successful. 

We started with this

As some of you may or may not already know, we are saying screw you to our doctor and basically all medical advice regarding formula and milk and when to introduce it and how to introduce it and all that jazz.  The medical community says to keep your child on formula or, preferrably breast milk, until the magical day he turns 1 year old.  Apparently on that magical day Joe will be ready for regular milk. 

We say, he's ready now.  We say this because we can tell he has an allergy to dairy (thus the still very present squeak) and because we know there are other healthy options out there that are just as good, if not better than stupid formula.

So, we went on the hunt for goats milk.  Not the usual first option for parents taking their child off formula, I know.  But its amazing stuff.  My mom thinks I'm crazy, but I'm not, I'm just a freak about my kid and believe me, I've done my research.   

In my search I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot of all jackpots.  I found a goat's milk farm in Everett that is ran by the most amazing lady ever.  I had emailed her asking a kabillion questions and here is her response....

There is no organically certified raw goat dairy that I know of.  I am really a freak about what my goats eat.  No soy, no GMO stuff, my grass hay comes from organically maganged farms (not certified), they eat our organically managed pastures, they get kefir with herbs when they come into the milk room as well as alfalfa pellets.  We sprout their grain so there are live enzymes in their food and it makes less acid in their tummies, they get minerals and kelp in the barn.  I have had hundreds of infants on my milk and I hear rave reviews from mothers.  I have had babies with "failure to thrive" that start gaining weight and thrive on this milk.  It tastes incredible and does wonders for your immune system.  Goat milk burns alkaline in your body, so naturopaths are crazy about it.  It doesn't have proteins that cause allergies in it.  It doesn't make that phlem in your throat that cows milk makes.  Babies can absorb goat milk in 20 minutes, cow milk takes up to 8 hours.  The mainstream cow milk is really quite compromised.  A new zealand scientist has discovered that there has been a mutation in the casien proteins of holstein cows (what most big dairies have) and he has linked it to causing childhood autism and diabetes. It was dubbed A1A1 casien protein. New Zealand &  Australia  have changed all their breeding and they don't have any A1A1 bulls anymore.  Also, most dairies have Johnnes disease which causes Crohnes disease in people.  They pasteurize, but it doesn't kill all of it.  There ends up being some live Johnnes in the milk.   Almost all organic cow milk is ultra pasteurized.  You can ship it unrefrigerated because bacteria won't eat it.  You can't make cheese with it because the proteins are so damaged it won't form a curd and the bacteria don't eat it.  You take a great product and heat it so high that it is like eating cardboard.  Very sad.  I love talking goat milk.  It is such a wonderful thing!

How freaking awesome is that response!!  Right!?  Sold.

So in an effort to ease him into the process we started with the powdered crap.  Literally, I shit you not, within an hour he was squeak free.  My child, who has been squeaking since the day he was born, no longer make a peep when he breathed.  The difference was night and day. 


Only downside, goat's milk stinks like shit.  Not poop, but more like curdled milk stink.  Bleh. 

So, we're feeling good.  We patted ourselves on the back and took a trip up to Capitol Hill to further our hippie adventures and basically reward our awesomeness. 

Mmmmmm quinoa!!!  He loved it!

Then Joe jammed out to a lovely serenade by Blake and Rick


  1. I'm a fan of goat milk, without reading her response! I think I'll try out drinking more myself its been awhile for me!