Friday, December 23, 2011

I love....

I love how Joey has a "favorite band."

I love how he says "Hi" to us everytime he sees us.

I love how he brings us books for him to read.

I love how he discovered turning in circles and has been doing non-stop ever since.

I love how he will squirm and sqeeze his way in to sitting between my legs when I am sitting on the floor.

I love how Joey wants to know we are physically there while he sleeps.

I love how he says "mmwwwahhh" just like I do when we give kisses.

I love that I now have 2 art projects from him.

I love how Joey will rub any soft thing on his face or try and put it on his head like a hat.

I love how he prefers Italian food over anything else. (My boy!!)

I love how he is perfectly content sitting in his daddy's lap listening to music on the computer.

I love how he plays with Phoebe.

I love how he points to everything and says "ttsat?"

I love how he growls and hisses at us. 

I love how he laughs and squeals.

I spent last night on the floor with Joey because he needed my hand holding his hand to be able to get to sleep.  While I laid there with him I thought of the monster man and all the things I loved about him.  As he coughed and snorted and tossed and turned and felt around for reassurance that I was still there I fell in love with him 1000 times more.  He just wanted me there and I was more than happy to do that for him.


  1. Our children teach us the most amazing lessons. I'm glad you're experiencing this joy-you will never forget it!

  2. "love" and "monster" are my most commonly used words when i talk about my kids too :)