Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reason #57643 I want to be a millionaire

Two words, Waldorf School.


True to my psychotic/virgo fashion, I spent most the day yesterday trying to figure out how to get Joey into a Waldorf School.  As it would turn out, we're screwed; unless Rick hits it big on a scratch ticket and I am a stay at home mom - or we win a kabillion dollars and hire a nanny. 

So what is Waldorf?  While our traditional education system stiffles individuality and lacks the resources to really tap into how each individual child learns, Waldorf is the exact opposite.  They cater to individual personalities and work within the child's imagination and creative side to teach them the core subjects.  They don't just read out of a textbook and get tested, they create, feel, experience things and are able to put that into context to develop their intellect.  Its basically really expensive hippy school with AMAZING results.  

Shouldn't this be available to all children, regardless of money?

My answer, yes.
Waldorf answer, no.

A preschool education at the Waldorf School of Seattle will run you about $4000-$6000 a year.  This is 2-3 times a week for 4 hours at a time.  Not kidding.  This school is no joke.  And if they didn't have the most amazing curriculum and produce the most amazing children, I would think they were a bunch of assholes.  But, they're not, and I love them.

So if any of you out there know a millionaire with a ton of extra money on their hands, please send them my way.  I will prepare a presentation on why they should sponsor Joey's education at a Waldorf School.

Thanks in advance. 

Oh, and yes, I understand my son literally just turned one and it is kinda weird to be thinking about preschool.  I'm weird and plan things very far in advance.  Always.

Check out the awesomeness WALDORF

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