Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm an idiot

Ever since Joey was born there has been this super secret hush hush competition between Rick and I for who is the favored parent.  Every parent does this because every parent wants to win and be totally awesome at life and be loved the most.  Or maybe that's just us because we are psycho.


I have been chosen.  I am the favorite parent.  He loves me MOST. 

And it sucks.

Being loved most is the WORST.  Every time I enter a room Joey starts whining and crying at my feet.  He wants to be picked up.  He will literally fling himself from other peoples arms and reach out for me.  He wants to be close and be held by me 24/7.  To the extent that he won't stop crying hysterically until I do it. 

I have won the shit lottery.  The lottery where you think you won but you just get a bunch of shit.  The shit lottery.

What the hell do I do?  I don't like to hear the cry noise.  I do love him and want to cuddle/hold and kiss his little face, but not all the time to the sound of whiny baby face. 

Rick says this is a product of me being super sensitive and always picking him up if he whines.  I think he calls it "helicopter parenting."  Clearly he didn't get the memo that he is doing this because he loves me best and this is most definitely NOT the product of helicopter parenting, whatever the hell that is. 

At this point I feel I have 2 options, let him cry or pick him up.  There needs to be a 3rd option, this can't!

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