Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our house lately

Lately our house (and the noise and destruction occurring in it) has been a constant reminder to Rick and myself, that the grass is always greener on the other side. 

It started with little comments like, "I wish Joey could move around a little.  Be a little bit more than a squirmy blob"

Now its "JOEY!  Do not stand in the middle of the couch and start jumping." And, "Joey we don't climb the stairs when mommy isn't looking." "Joey we don't throw (insert any object you could possibly think of)"

Then it progressed to "I wish Joey could communicate with us."

Communication, as we found out, equals yelling.  All the time.  While standing in the middle of the couch trying to jump sometimes he throws his arms toward the ceiling and just yells.  Really loud.  Like he is orating a sermon of some sort and we are his faithful followers.

His latest......lets have a yelling contest so I can make noise AND crack up, at.the.same.time. 

And, lately, Joey has blessed us with not only verbal communication, but facial expression communication.  Basically, the Italian in him is shining through brilliantly.

We have the "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I think its fun and I'm going to laugh and do it anyway," look.  Which mostly comes when he is staring right at me and throwing his food on the floor violently for Phoebe.  Or when he is throwing EVERY MOTHER LOVING THING in the garbage! 

What is that, why do kids love throwing things away?  Things you need and want and definitely don't want in the garbage......

So we wished for a few things and basically ended up with a noisy house that has food all over the place, and all sorts of random crap in the garbage.

I wonder what his next awesome thing will be. 

I predict he will successfully climb out of his crib and give walking down the stairs a go.

I'm excited.

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