Sunday, November 6, 2011

1 whole year

My Joe Joe,
A year ago today you changed mine and your dads lives forever.  Your perfect little self was born and mommy and daddy became parents.  Just like that. 

From the moment we knew you existed, we wanted you.  From the moment you took your first breath, we loved you.  Your first cries, your first poo (ask your dad about that some day!), your first smile, your first laugh, your first words; all your firsts this year have only deepened the love we've had for you since that very second we learned of you.  It's amazing how such a little person can do that. 

This past year you have been a constant joy and continual challenge (Scorpio!).  You are so much like your daddy and even more like your momma.  You feel with such fire and intensity.  And then you love so easily and freely.  You make it known what you want, how you want it and where you want it and then you demand to be hugged and make it known you love us. 

To say you have changed mine and your daddy's lives would be an understatement.  Beyond the hours of sleep deprivation and constant exhaustion, you have made us better people.  You, from the very beginning, changed the very center of our universe.  We put you first, we love you first, we spend every waking moment worrying, planning, cooking, cleaning and loving you.   

Thank you for choosing us as your parents.  Thank you for showing us what love is.  And, thank you for reaffirming the love I have for your daddy.  You and I are very lucky to have him and we are both very lucky to have you.
Happy first birthday little one, I love you.

- Mom

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