Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer please stay forever

Another lovely summer weekend has come and gone.  And another weekend full of activities and progress for momma and baby. 

This weekend happened to be Rick's 25th birthday, yay for Rick.  It's starting to be a tradition in our house that if it's your special day, you are free from any and all baby duties.  Kinda sad that that's what brings us joy these days, but having an infant is rough and having a day or two where you can do some things for yourself and not lug a diaper bag around with you everywhere, is worth its weight in gold.  There is also that super awesome thing called sleeping in that occurs on your special weekend...ahhhhh can't wait for my birthday!

So, I packed up the kiddo and went and visited my grandma and grandpa.  It was a lovely visit.  A couple of my cousins just recently had babies as well so its always fun to get the low down from my grams on how the other babies are progressing and what they've been up to.  From what grandma said Joey is the largest (also one of the oldest) and the baldest. 

I then spent Saturday night with Kells and my momma.  My mom has been gone for what seems like 10 years, so it was good to finally see her in the flesh.  Only one more summer of softball mom and then I get her back for good!

Joey was a good boy for all of Saturday's activities.  I think I've told you before that he is always on his best behavior when we visit people.  He just saves the dickyness for us.  Sweet kid.

SO, progress has been made!  Joey's first tooth is finally all the way out.  Woooo Hooooo for progress and it looks like 2 more are not too far behind that first one. 

puffs! and green beans!

Also, Auntie Kells forced me to face my fear of Joey choking.  Joe is now an official Puff eater.  Big tear.  He loves them and did great, we had zero choking incidents!  It was time to do this, but I really did need that extra push from Kells to make it happen.  Now he is a super official solid food eater and we can put these things on his high chair and let him feed himself. 

half downward dog action
 Rick said he is growing up too fast.  I agree.

Walking is looming very close over our heads.  I couldn't quite capture the standing thing he is now doing, but you can see that one leg up and lifting himself.  He also puts his other one up and sorta does this downward dog/push up thing.  Then he just falls to the ground.  How is my baby old enough to be doing these things!?  Where did the time go!?  He was very recently a little blob that needed me to get everything for him and now he does all sorts of things for himself and gets into everything. 

Pretty much the best feeling on Earth
So in my hold on to every precious moment, cry myself to sleep about it, mommy craziness, I let the kid take a nap on me.  I am going to miss everything about this when he is too big and too old to fit in my arms.  I hope he loves me and lets me be a cuddly freak when he's older.  If he's anything like his dad, I might not have too much objection from him.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday was pretty much lounge around the house and be lazy day.  Rick was hungover so he got to sleep in for a while and I decided I would cook some things to take for lunch during the week.  I made stuffed zucchini and chicken stock from a chicken I roasted earlier in the week.  So our house smelled lovely. 

Hungover dance session

I am going to miss this summer.  Even though the weather hasn't been that great, its been lovely for me and my family.  Joe has come so far and we have done so many fun things.  Next summer should be just as fun, if not better. 

Just some dudes dancing away

Mmmmm stuffed zucchini!  So tasty!
I didn't hear Joe for a while and then looked down to see what he was doing and he had fallen asleep like this.  So cute.

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