Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our house has been in a constant state of learning lately.  Each new day brings a new discovery, some good, some bad.

Here's the skinny....

1.  Joe LOVES hummus.  Loves it.  Screams for it.  We have to eat it in secret so he doesn't see that we have it.  It makes me happy that the little guy loves something that is so so good for him, but it gets a little ridiculous when we don't want to share with him!  He gets everything, can't we just enjoy a little hummus in private?

2.  Joe can climb stairs.  This is always a shitty thing to learn because you only learn the hard way.  You never place your kid at the bottom of the stairs and wait to see if he climbs up them.  You find out by your kid actually falling down the stairs.  On his head most likely.  And shocker of the month, that's exactly what happened to us.  Right. On. His. Head.  Luckily Joe's head is pretty large and his skinny little body is fairly bendy and hard to hurt.  He was fine, I was not, gates are on order. 

3.  Rick is an ass.  This is not something new, but it was definitely reaffirmed after the stair incident.  I give him a play by play of the horrific situation and he goes on to tell me "Oh yeah, I didn't tell you, he totally did that last Saturday."  WTF!  First, HELLO don't you think its important to tell me our kid fell on his head?  AND don't you think its also important to tell me our kid can climb stairs!!?  Douche wagon. 

So then I go off about needing to get gates immediately and he's like "we don't need gates, we'll just teach Joey not to climb stairs."  Ohhhhhh, why didn't I think of that!?  He'll totally listen and never climb up another stair ever just because we told him not to.  ! 

4.  Phoebe and Joey are really good at sharing.  This good.....

I had no idea it had gone to this level.  Straight from doggy mouth to baby mouth.  Gross.  Its too cute to stop though.  I'm not too worried about it.  Germs for everyone. 

So there it is. 

I was also sitting in our recliner last night totally ignoring everything around me (its funny how you learn to tune things out when you have a kid) and I look down at something poking my butt and there is Joe standing trying to get the remote on my lap.  First thought was how the hell did you get here, second thought was kill me you are now standing and I didn't help you do it. 

Fun times!

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