Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitchen fun round 2

Our kitchen is still on a roll.

Here are our latest adventures....or I should say, MY latest adventures....

I made my first ever chicken in a Crock Pot.  There are potatoes on the bottom just to soak up all the fatty crap (I really threw them out after the chicken was done) and there are parsnips, carrots, onions and
garlic and obviously a little lemon.

I skinned the chicken and put it breast side down in the Crock Pot.  At first I thought that was a crazy suggestion, but NOT.  It made the breasts so much juicier.  And, as it would turn out, skinning a chicken is not that hard!

The chicken was delicious, but I fear it might be one of the last meat dishes I will make for a long long time.  I just purchased this book and it has some AMAZING recipes in it.  And most don't require the usual food dehydrator and Vitamix kabillion dollar blender.  I do still need a food processor though.


Anyway, I then boiled the carcass of the chicken and made my own chicken broth!!  I'm getting really good at this whole being awesome thing right!?  To make good use of the chicken broth I used it to cook my first round of baby bok choy!

Boiled in the broth with garlic and ginger and then simmered with a little bit of soy sauce, sesame oil (just a tad!) and sugar.  I also added in sliced almonds for a little bit more texture.  AMAZING.  Simply amazing.

Next I cooked some more quinoa.

I love how versatile quinoa is.  It can literally go in everything.  So I sauteed up some cherry tomatoes with onions and cilantro.  Added in some garbanzo beans (also very versatile and my new favorite bean), and we have a delicious meal.
Next up, I still want to make gazpacho and low cal jalapeno poppers.  Rick is pretty much in heaven with all this cooking and it is proving to be a really nice outlet for me.  I never in a million years would have imagined I would be cooking like this or this often.  But its fun and using these healthy and natural ingredients has me feeling a thousand times better than the last couple months.

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