Monday, August 8, 2011

9 month check

Joe is officially 9 months old!!  Woo hooo.  We celebrated this accomplishment with a trip to the pediatrician.  Lucky guy huh!?

I used to love Well Child exams.  It was a place where we could vent our concerns and where we would work together with a doctor, who I presumed to be pretty smart, to find a cure for Joey's issues.  But, now that we've figured out every doctor is a complete moron and nobody knows our child better than we do, these appointments are nothing more than a pain in the ass. 

During the course of our appointment we begrudgingly told Dr. Richter that we were weening Joe off formula all together and exploring other options like goat's milk and now donated breast milk because we know Joe has a dairy allergy.  He looked at us with this concerned expression like he still didn't believe it.  He was like "did you notice a difference right away?"  YES you ass.  "Was he better in a matter of hours or did it take longer?"  What!?  I didn't calculate how long it took for the squeak to get better, but you can hear him right?  He sounds better right?!  "Yeah"  Ok then!  We win, now shut up and leave us alone.  We agreed to disagree basically and he said he would do some research over the weekend on some other viable formula options that don't include dairy or soy.  What. Ever.

Besides that we learned that Joe is in the 97th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight.  Dr. Richter exclaimed that Joe was picture perfect growth wise and was following a very lovely upward curve.  Good job Joe. 

When Dr. Richter was checking Joe's ears Joey started reaching in his pocket and ripping stuff out and then he tried to rip the buttons off his lab coat and eat them.  Dr. Richter said Joey was going to be an extremely active young man and that we need to start preparing ourselves now for constant interaction and distractions.  He said he rarely sees 9 month olds as alert and into everything as Joe is.  Again, I already knew that, thank you doctor.

I have a feeling we will not be following the Well Child exam schedule for much longer.  It is clear to me that my intuition about my child is way more advanced than what any doctor can spout off to me.  And, to be quite honest, Dr. Richter is losing his charm.  We get in the car and Rick says to me "Dr. Richter didn't look as handsome today did he," I said "no! he totally looked like he had a rough day!"  So if you're going to argue with me about what I already know about my baby AND not look handsome doing it, you're fired.

I will leave you with this....a gem of an outfit picked out by the one and only Rickapotomus. 

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  1. You crack me up. Remind me SO much of me, 6 years ago.