Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We are starting to wind down. 

Our adventures are coming to a close and how about that weather already reminding us that summer is as good as over!?  I am interested to see what the fall will bring us.  Our tiny tot will be a year old soon (even as I typed that I got tears in my eyes) and that in and of itself opens us up to endless possibilities.  And, lets also take note of the unassisted standing that now takes place.  Walking will be a grand adventure.  I don't anticipate the road to running being that far away from walking. 

The fall should be fun...

This last week I am thankful for.....

1.  The support we have from family.  With their help, Rick and I were able to have a 2 day adventure to the coast.  Joey was well taken care of and Rick and I spent some time in nature with people we love.

2.  My cuddle bug.  Joe's cuddles have become longer and deeper and I like to think he loves cuddling me best.  I love the feeling of him rubbing his tiny face on my clothes and snuggling in for some love.

3.  Rick.  Always.  Sometimes not as much, but this week yes!

4.  Our recent journey of choosing a life for us and making decisions for us.  I instantly felt the shift and its been amazing.  The amount of stress you can put on yourself trying to please everyone around you is incredible.  We are choosing to put ourselves first, and so far, so good

5.  Future.  I know the future is always in front of us, but ours is starting to take shape.  And it is really exciting to think of endless possibilities that lie in our future. 

My Fall resolution is to start taking more photos.  It goes without saying that this probably means a new camera is in our horizon... So, be prepared for a lot more photo fun from this clan!

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