Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was bound to happen

I've been absent, I know, I apologize.  To be quite honest we've been so incredibly busy and I've been so spread thin that blogging just hasn't seemed fun lately.  I'm hoping to change that, and a few other things, starting today!! 

Some big changes are headed to the Armon/Callahan household.  Changes that should have been made a long time ago, but needed something big to jump start the process.  That something big has happened and we are full steam ahead into the world of change. 

We are taking control, finally, and as a family. 

When I first met Rick I was completely shocked by the stories of his childhood and growing up for part of it on a sailboat.  I listened in complete and utter shock as him and his dad retold stories from the Mystic days.  How could his parents do that!?  And, wow they are a bunch of freaks.  

I was shocked because I was so used to my parents measurement of success.  Success to them equals a BMW in the driveway and trips to Mexico every other year.  Success to them is measurable by the amount of stuff you have, not the amount of love and support or experiences together as a family.  I've never met a family with so much love and to my parents they are not "successful."

I find myself now being completely envious of his childhood.  A childhood I would give everything to call my own, a childhood that Rick wouldn't give up for anything.

Having Joe has changed so much of me, probably every part of me is in one way or another different.  I think of him and I think of how I grew up and I want something better for him.  So, while I've been scared to let go of thoughts that have been ingrained in me since childhood, we are now on a new mission. 

Our family will not measure our success by the balance of our bank account.  Our family will not allow ourselves to be surrounded by people who are cruel and evil just because they are part of our extended family.  We will not give in to how other people measure success or happiness.  We will put ourselves first and we will do what we feel is best for us, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  We are eliminating the toxicity from our lives and we don't give a shit what anyone has to say about it.  

We may never have a BMW in our driveway, but our kid will have all the love in the world and will be surrounded by genuine people who love life.  Our son deserves better and as a parent its my job to give him that.

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